Ray Johnson
Texas winters are the most mild in the country. This year, we haven’t experienced our first freeze until today, December 8th! Even though it will return to the mid 60’s this weekend, we don’t want to risk freeze damage on our citrus trees and lettuces. Here
With the holidays approaching, families around the country will gather in their homes to enjoy food, laughs, and good company (all frequent occurrences at Barr). No we are not hosting a thanksgiving dinner, but it wasn’t so long ago when families enjoyed these special meals here.
There’s something special about a homemade loaf a bread that never lets you forget the first time you experience it. Whether a French sourdough or a homemade focaccia dipped in olive oil, a good loaf of bread is the heart of any meal. Watch the
20 Sep 2016
Here in Austin, Texas we know a little bit about keeping hot.  From blistering summer days to spicy salsa, feeling the heat is a daily joy and struggle.  During these hotter-than-hot days, many of our crops also struggle to produce. The “bounty” of summer in