Barr Mansion has crossed paths with a local creative, Luis Angulo, who infuses social issues and pop-culture into his expressions. His creative flow is deeply influenced by the time he spent in Venezuela, where he was born. Fast forward eight years of Luis living in Austin, he finds himself on Barr Mansion’s property – Luis had the opportunity to create an exterior mural on our rain water cement tank.

His art is inviting in nature and honors the space around him. We know this mural will inspire each guest that visit’s the mansion.  This mural will only welcome more revolutionary and eclectic energy to flow through this space — and to Luis, we could not be more grateful.

Join us at our OPEN HOUSE and check the mural out yourself (and take a selfie with it!). Sunday, January 29th from 11:00am – 2.00pm. Lots of vendors, food and drinks!

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Artist Info:

Luis Angulo

instagram: @uloang


Caroline Hunt