Meet our Head Chef, Jessie Ximenes. This human is filled with compassion for those around her. Her vivacious laugh spreads like wild fire. The food that is created by her hands is inspired by humanity + the real, the lovely, the messy.


Tell us about your culinary upbringing.

My parents struggled to get the family still long enough to eat together. For me dinner was always the highlight. My parents filled our house with food, wine, and music in the evenings. It was pretty magical.

What do you enjoy about cooking professionally?

I love working with my hands. Even when I’m not in the kitchen I’ve always enjoyed creating, and I feel a lot of pride in the things I can build. I like competition, and that’s always been a driving force. In the end I’m probably my own harshest critic.

What do you hope guests feel and say after one of your meals?

I hope that my guests feel satisfied, happy, and a little closer to those that are sharing their meal. I love it when someone asks me about an ingredient or flavor that surprises them.


What are your go to dishes, seasonings, and/or ingredients?

I have a few go-tos. I love Japanese and Korean food and flavors presented in American or French style dishes. I also love dried chiles, and PAPRIKA-smoked, hot, and sweet. Pasta is definitely up there, too.

Besides cooking what to you enjoy doing for fun?

I love camping, and being outdoors in general. Organized sports, lounging with my gato, and spending time with family.

What are some your personal and professional goals?

Always have the best hair in the room.
Be constantly learning and  growing.
Open a brunch spot in New Braunfels, Texas.


To taste for yourself what makes Jessie’s dishes so special, join us at our Beer and Sausage Soirée, Friday, February 17th.

Kaytlyn Johnson