Twelve years ago Brent + Kristina exchanged their vows surrounded by their loved ones at Barr Mansion. We had the honor of hosting a anniversary dinner for this beautiful couple. For Brent + Kristina’s first vacation, without their little ones, in seven years… They decided to
Beer, bites & Barr Mansion – we love the sound of that trio!  We are thrilled to announce our upcoming event featuring a variety of unique Barr Mansion sausages paired with beers from the world-renown, Jester King Brewery. Enjoy an evening of house-made bites, specialty crafted
At Barr Mansion, it’s not all weddings.  Sometimes we get to host fantastic events too!  And the Creative Conference in May was definitely that.  This was a workshop for small business owners where guests learned techniques and skills to apply to their own businesses, and there were many
This year we are hosting a special Father’s Day celebration as a thank you to the community and because dad’s rule.  Skip the long lines at the local restaurants and come enjoy the day Barr Mansion style – make it a  Father’s Day to remember!  And between $5-10 per
There’s something brewing in the culinary world all across America.  People are pickling things, playing with microbes, and cooking up all sorts of things through the ancient form of preservation known as the fermentation process.  At Barr we are fermenting much of our produce so
We love signature drinks! We love when couple’s choose to highlight their favorite drinks or incorporate the cocktail into their theme or color scheme. Guests love signature drinks! They love to see the colorful, ice cold drinks. They love to sip new concoctions while chatting with
We are best known as an amazing and versatile wedding venue, but did you know that we can also host corporate and other large scale events?  Recently, we watched our Artisan Ballroom and gardens transformed to host the Patrón Aficionados Program. Our hand-hewn venue served as
Want to book your spring or fall wedding within the year?  As many brides quickly discover after calling venues, getting your dream weekend with less than one or two years notice can be harrowing.  Well, there is one couple that is in luck this year!