Meet our Head Chef, Jessie Ximenes. This human is filled with compassion for those around her. Her vivacious laugh spreads like wild fire. The food that is created by her hands is inspired by humanity + the real, the lovely, the messy. Tell us about
  Barr Mansion has crossed paths with a local creative, Luis Angulo, who infuses social issues and pop-culture into his expressions. His creative flow is deeply influenced by the time he spent in Venezuela, where he was born. Fast forward eight years of Luis living in Austin, he finds himself
With the holidays approaching, families around the country will gather in their homes to enjoy food, laughs, and good company (all frequent occurrences at Barr). No we are not hosting a thanksgiving dinner, but it wasn’t so long ago when families enjoyed these special meals here.
It’s the time of year where we gather together with friends and family.  And at Barr Mansion, when we come together for meals, we like to take a moment to grow in our understanding of the impact we have all around us.  We believe good