If you are planning a spring wedding next year, be sure to include a lettuce salad in your menu.  We had a bumper crop of lettuce this season with all the spring rains.  And there are so many directions you can take a salad beyond your basic “house salad.”
With spring beginning, today we celebrate our outdoor landscape, which is a huge part of who we are! If you’ve been to our venue even once, then you know the magnitude of our gardens – bright blooms, lush foliages, and powerful trees that create romantic
One of our favorite blooms from the garden right now is Ageratina altissima — which is more commonly known as White Snakeroot.  Its tiny, delicate white blooms are in full force and are attracting loads of butterflies… Thanks to our head gardener and horticulturist, Amy Jones,
Thinking of having a summer wedding in Austin, but worried that it sounds like a recipe for dead plants and uncomfortable guests?  Never fear, our gardens are beautiful year-round with native plants that are adapted to different seasons.  Furthermore, our beautiful Artisan Ballroom, featured in
Barr Mansion & Artisan Ballroom is looking for a gardener to keep the gardens beautiful and sustainable. We are developing gardens that integrate organic vegetables with ornamentals. Our vision from the beginning has been to build the most ecologically advanced, energy efficient, consciously designed, sustainable gardens possible.