The holidays are upon us! With Thanksgiving only a short week and breezy cold front away, it’s time to get serious about home cooking. We love turkey and we drool over mashed potatoes and stuffing. But, desserts take the cake (or pie) every time in
There’s something special about a homemade loaf a bread that never lets you forget the first time you experience it. Whether a French sourdough or a homemade focaccia dipped in olive oil, a good loaf of bread is the heart of any meal. Watch the
Here in Austin, Texas we know a little bit about keeping hot.  From blistering summer days to spicy salsa, feeling the heat is a daily joy and struggle.  During these hotter-than-hot days, many of our crops also struggle to produce. The “bounty” of summer in
Another day, another food and cake tasting!  We love having our clients out to celebrate their upcoming events, experience being a guest at our venue, and of course… taste things!  Here were the highlights from this summer’s third harvest. Barr Mansion |  The Bird &
One of the problems we face from having our own garden with an array of different herbs, flowers and vegetables is that we cannot guarantee that all of it will be used in the way we would like to. By that I mean we can
A few weeks ago we had another beautiful, successful tasting for our clients! Guests sampled scrumptious bites and sipped cool drinks as the sun went down. Highlights on this tasting menu were: Appetizers Served Vignette Style Stenciled Parker House Rolls Zucchini Homegrown from our Gardens
Spring is here and that means it’s time for another tasting!  Lots of home grown goodness at this tasting, and it was wonderful to be surrounded by friends and clients as we enjoyed the bounty of the season.  Many, many thanks to our wonderful vendors
Tastings are one of our favorite times around Barr Mansion, and lucky for us, we get to do this for our clients four times per year!  We specialize and celebrate the farm to plate experience, and are growing more and more of our own produce
Each tasting at Barr Mansion is a wonderful time to gather together, see the facilities in the evening, grow in our awareness of eating local with organic principals, mingle with other people having events here, and of course sample a lovely bounty of fresh, organic catering.