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Eco-Friendly, Turnkey, Flexible

Barr Mansion is the first certified organic special-events facility, as well as the first Zero Waste special-events facility in the nation.  With our full on-site, organic catering kitchen and skilled event coordinators, we can help you produce truly outstanding events. With indoor and outdoor options, events can flow from garden to covered space to conditioned space.


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Green has never looked so gorgeous.

We set out to create a venue that stimulates all the senses, a space that allows for both casual and luxury decor, with the beauty of the natural world ever-present. We honor the naturalist inside us and respect the rich historical architecture while enjoying a juxtaposition of modern flair. Barr speaks to our sense of romance, our wanderlust, and our ravenous curiosity.


Erich Chen Photography

Erich Chen Photography

We want you to be part of the process

Let’s create a beautiful gathering space for your next event.
Watch us evolve.
Let us know what you think.
Bring your ideas.

Erich Chen Photography

Erich Chen Photography