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Summer – Have your cake and eat it too

Summer prices are discounted but there is still so much we offer. We know it’s hot but we are prepared for that. The gardens are better, the food more abundant and eating or dancing under the summer moon can’t get more romantic. We will show you how to plan a fun ‘rockin’ summer wedding. Call us now to get the best prices of the year!

Garden Weddings with Air Conditioning

Our Ballroom allows your ceremony to be in the AC while viewing the splendor of the grounds- our vines inside like the AC too! After the ceremony, the Farmstead is a great, covered cocktail area option. We can flip the space in the Ballroom so it’s ready for dinner and dancing. Don’t sweat the heat! It is no problem at Barr, and there is no reason to celebrate in a big windowless Ballroom when the outside is at it’s greenest!

by Captivating Weddings

Food to make you swoon

Produce in Central Texas happens in the summer. If you are a foodie, this is your moment. If you just want good food, this is your season. Vegetables are the eye candy to your meal. Local summer produce will knock your socks off.

“Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Makes you wanna move your dancing feet.” – Bob Marley

Have fun with summer weddings. Enjoy the sizzling summer with head on fun. From flip flops to sunglasses, the spirit of summer is what makes summer weddings the ‘fun’ weddings of the year.

 by The Life You Love Photography

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