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Stay tuned for the next ‘4 Seasons Supper Club’ hosted by Barr Mansion


We want to raise the bar at Barr!

The Supper Club is a chance to gather and grow ideas, have fun, and enjoy food to make our community sustainable. It’s that simple.

We have watched the food movement grow from the inception of the organic USDA certification program in 2002 to our own certification in 2007, establishing Barr as the only certified organic venue in the nation. We embrace the local food movement and look forward to how such efforts can have a profound impact on climate change, our daily lives, and our health.

We have taken a 30-year-old ornamental garden and transformed it into an integrated edible landscape. We are pushing the boundaries to blur the lines between what we want and what the planet wants: commerce and conservation, fine dining and “good for the soil” dining. Come tour the gardens with our horticulturist.

Our chef looks to the garden to plan our menus. There are so many hidden gems to utilize and enjoy when your pantry is growing just outside the door. Flower blossoms adorn salads, fruit harvests are made into chutneys, and multiple varieties of cucumbers can go in myriad directions. Our Executive Chef will be designing and presenting the farm-to-table dinner.

Join us and share your ideas, enjoy the bounty of our harvest, and most of all, let’s have some fun!

Looking forward to meeting you all,

Melanie McAfee, Owner