Tastefully ATX: Barr Mansion Supper Series

05.17.2018  |  6:30pm - 9:30pm

Flower Power

Tastefully ATX is a uniquely Austin pairing of food and beverage crafts and creators focused on sustainability,inspiration and empowerment.

This event is a benefit for Useful Wild Plants – An Austin-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting biological literacy and an understanding of sustainable economic botany.

Their mission is to advance the stewardship of wild and naturalized plants of Texas and surrounding regions. Texas is the hub of a botanical domain that spans the southern half of the United States and the northern third of Mexico. Over 4,000 species of native and naturalized plants from this region are a part of the Useful Wild Plants project. By compiling a comprehensive information base of the uses for these plants, we facilitate the sustainable economic development of an underutilized renewable resource.

Barr’s Executive Chef Jessie Ximenes has created a theme for the evening Flower Power which showcase flowers from the Barr grounds – both native and cultivated. She has assembled a team of collaborators that will be competing in a fun and lively contest.

The dinner will be pairings of food and cocktails in a community atmosphere with activities to entertain.

Scooter Cheetham, President and Founder of Useful Wild Plants will share some of his wit and wisdom on the flower power of plants.

There will be shopping and tastings showcasing flowers!

Our participating sponsors include:

In the Weeds
Revolution Spirits
TX Whiskey
Treaty Oaks Distilling
Dulce Vida Organic Tequila
Dripping Springs Texas Vodka