Bee Delightful Dinner

04.25.2018  |  6:30 pm- 11:00 pm

Save the Bees

Help Bee Delightful rescue honey bees and bring universal attention to pesticide-free beekeeping practices. We blend together the finest formulation of RAW honey, from treatment-free beekeepers, with Texas Wildflower honey from the bees we’ve helped rescue. Not only are we celebrating the highest standards in beekeeping, Bee Delightful™ infuses our storied honey with CBD, a naturally occurring Cannabinoid extracted from Hemp. The phytonutrient spectrum in RAW honey enhances the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits in each jar of Canna Bees™, making it THE HEALTHIEST spoonful of honey you’ve ever tried.

Each General Admission ticket you purchase grants you access for 1, to this interactive event, where each carefully curated dish and beverage will highlight the gifts and benefits provided for by our honey bees and the wondrously beneficial hemp plant. You’ll be surrounded by a symphony of scents, live music and delightfully social people, all excitedly awaiting the arrival of a live honey bee colony, rescued just moments before the event. We’ll stage the final act of the rescue at Barr Mansion for all of our guests to see. Our rescue operators and beekeeping experts will be joining us as well, happy to share stories, compelling news and answer any of your questions. During the event, all of our attendees will have access to 4 complimentary masseuses, henna artists and other live entertainment. Beverages will be infused with hemp including New Belgium’s new Hemperor HPA. And attendees will get to participate in several prize winning activites including our grand prize, a private CBD-infused dinner party for 10 of their friends.

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