Twelve years ago Brent + Kristina exchanged their vows surrounded by their loved ones at Barr Mansion. We had the honor of hosting a anniversary dinner for this beautiful couple.

For Brent + Kristina’s first vacation, without their little ones, in seven years… They decided to come back to Austin for the anniversary. Before their arrival, Kristina contacted us and set up this dinner without her husband knowing (the most tender thing, right?). When they arrived on the property, Brent and Kristina were reminiscing on all their memories and words exchanged throughout their wedding.

After minutes pass by and final touches made (bubbles popped + napkins straightened), Kristina brings her husband into the Artisan Ballroom. There, in that moment, we witnessed love, excitement and one of the best surprises we have ever been a part of. If you were a little fly on the wall, you would of been able to see Kristina’s joy and Brent realizing this set up was all for him.

As the evening progessed, we laughed and talked with them about their memories, ate amazing food created by Barr Mansions Head Chef, Jessie… The list of magical moments throughout the evening go on and on. We will leave you with this… We believe it sums this beautiful couple up in a few words – From the wise words of Cleo Wade – “Be a romantic… Our world needs more of those.”

Photography | Fall Creek Studios and Kayt Johnson


Kaytlyn Johnson