One of Barr Mansion’s best features is the wide variety of ceremony sites for couples to consider.  Getting married in December or August?  We have a number of indoor options for you to choose from; in front of our 40-foot peaked glass wall, on our stage, in front of the fountain, or even an indoor version of the photo below, a definite favorite on Pinterest:


Source: via Barr on Pinterest


What I love most about parsing through wedding photos is the many ways that couples make our venue their own.  There’s a million ways to personalize Barr Mansion…  You can head over to our ceremonies gallery to see some of the possibilities.  AND be sure to check out our Pinterest for new ideas we think are perfectly suited to our grounds and Ballroom.  Here are a few of our favorites (note that the first two photos are inspirational, the rest were from recent weddings):



Source: via Barr on Pinterest

^ Photographers Skeen

^ Paige Newton Photography

^ Caroline+Ben Photography

^ Caroline+Ben Photography

^ Sara & Rocky Photography

^ AJH Photography

^ Lauren Larsen Photographs

^ Nadine Photography

^ Matthew Moore Photography

And of course best of all, is that each wedding is composed of beautifully unique couples; smiling grooms, crying grooms, stoic fathers, let-loose-and-party fathers, teary-eyed mothers, giddy bridesmaids and joyful guests.