When we say all organic, we mean it.

At Barr, we don’t just buy all organic produce, we grow it too! We are a certified organic farm that grows fruit, vegetables, and herbs. When we say we grow, we mean GROW (and not just a couple herbs in a raised bed). For the 2017 season, we will be producing more vegetables then ever before.

Throughout winter and spring, Christian and Andy have been working long hours to increase our growing space 10 fold!

Using age-old farming techniques, we have created new bed space that is now home to squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers. (Summer weddings: get ready for some delicious pickles!)

What’s next?

We aren’t stopping at produce. Coming in the next year, we will be adding a chicken egg operation to our farm. The chickens will serve 3 purposes:

  1. Lay beautiful golden eggs for our pastry chefs
  2. Help us make use of wedding leftovers. They are going to love these snacks!
  3. Create compost to use on ornamental bed space

The implementation of the egg operation will be a fantastic step to solidifying the farm as a holistic operation by decreasing inputs and increasing production.

We also recently installed a pond that Farmer Christian’s best friend, Cali, seems to be enjoying! We hope to plant aquatic ornamentals and even introduce some Koi fish!

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Ray Johnson