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How We Design Events

A great event happens when everything is done with purpose, and passion. We push the boundaries, ask zillions of questions, love our work, and look forward to planning your event.

Beautiful grounds.

Our beautiful grounds demonstrate an amazing blend of ornamental and edible landscape.


SMS Photography


SMS Photography

Perfect blend of space.

Barr Mansion is an 1898 house on the National Register of Historic Places.

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The Artisan Ballroom is a reconstructed 1700s New York Dutch barn, hand-hewn with lumber from trees that were living when Columbus came to America.


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The Farmstead is an outdoor pavilion with a large solar array angled to catch the afternoon sun.

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Delicious eats: Every single ingredient is certified organic, and we are growing more and more of our own produce every day. Interactive food stations and family-style service cultivate community and make for a spirited gathering.


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Our mission to improve our environmental footprint informs every decision we make. For instance, our farm tables, designed by an Austin craftsman, are built from sustainable, locally harvested pecan, sycamore, and red oak.


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We all love what we do. It’s that simple.